What are features of an ATEX panel?

An ATEX box is an electrical frame designed for use in dangerous environments due to the presence of flammable or explosive substances. Its main features are:

  1. ATEX compliance: The table must comply with ATEX safety standards and regulations (Trampible TEX) safety standards and regulations that apply to electrical equipment used in potentially explosive areas.
  2. Safe design: The ATEX box is designed to minimize the risk of sparks or electrical arches that can light flammable or explosive substances in the environment.
  3. Special Materials: The table is built with special and corrosion-resistant materials that can withstand adverse conditions, such as high temperatures, humidity and exposure to chemicals.
  4. Ventilation system: The ATEX box is designed with a special ventilation system that prevents the accumulation of flammable or explosive gases within the box.
  5. Tagged: The box should be clearly labeled with the necessary information, such as the ATEX classification, the risk zone in which it can be used and the instructions for use and maintenance.

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