What is a mechatronic process?

A mechatronic design process brings together sequential techniques to be able to produce a final design that presents all the desired features for its operation.

Mechatronics is a multidisciplinary area, which unifies elements of mechanical engineering of precision, electronics, computer and automaton with the aim of developing and designing tasks generating greater dynamism and high precision that improve industrial processes.

A mechatronic system is composed of:

  • Structure: Integrates all the elements that make up the system
  • Sensors: Detects physical or chemical magnitudes and transforms them into electrical variables.
  • Actors: Generates the action within the system, e.g. pneumatic cylinders or conveyor belts.
  • Controllers: Saves instructions and performs logical, sequence, synchronization, counting and arithmetic functions to control machines and processes.
  • Interfaces: Walk through which the devices are connected.

With a mechanical system, you get a perfect synchronism of all movements and total repetition, but without flexibility. However, through a mechatronic system you get the best of mechanics, without any of its inconveniences.

Need a mechatronic solution?

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