DPC (Data Processing Centres)

The DPCs (Data Processing Centres) are facilities that centralize the operations and infrastructure of an organization’s Information Technologies, where data and applications are stored, processed, processed and disseminated.

A Data Center brings together many servers, both processing and storage and network, and guards some of an organization’s most critical and important assets.

These large facilities consume a lot of energy, to give us an idea, the energy consumption of the DPCs per m2 (estimated) is approximately 20 times higher than the consumption of a typical office.

Globally, they are estimated to demand about 450 TWh, this consumption accounts for around 3.5 per cent of global energy, and 2.2 per cent of CO2 emissions.

Energy efficiency has been the CPD’s historic battlehorse, i.e. the optimization and reduction of efficient consumption in a Data Center is limited by the very redundant installation condition of critical infrastructure.

But thanks to Industry 4.0 this no longer has to be the case, today we have the means to turn infrastructure into smart buildings and achieve energy efficiency, even a DPC.

You want to achieve energy efficiency?

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