The importance of synchronizing production processes

Let’s start by defining a synchronized production process:

We say that a productive system is synchronized if the temporary difference between the first manufactured piece and the second is the United Production Time (TpU).

For obvious reasons, the objective of any production chain should be to work fully synchronized and optimize its processes to the maximum.

However, it is very common for it to be manufactured well below the actual capacity, this is largely due to the de-ynchronization of machines.

The production flow is retained in different parts of the process and does not flow easily and continuously

The dreaded bottlenecks appear, which are nothing more than the inability to absorb the workload imposed by demand in any productive resource.

This often causes more machines, equipment and personnel to increase production to increase production. A considerable expense that does not solve the root of the problem, but puts a patch, which will generate more problems in the future. The solution is the synchronization of the machines that make up the production chain.

Need you sync your production line?

If your production lines have lost agility or your employees transmit to you that they encounter obstacles in the interaction with the production chain, contact us.

At CEFALUX we are experts in machine synchronization. Our multidisciplinary team will develop a plan to maximize your production process and implement it by affecting as little as possible the day-to-day production.