The retrofit as a solution to obsolete equipment

In the midst of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, automated production systems have evolved at a frantic pace and as a result much of the equipment has become obsolete.

The main problems we encounter in maintaining obsolete processes are:

  • Increased number of stops and failures.
  • Technical support and spare parts are no longer available.
  • It is more difficult to integrate new equipment or systems.
  • It increases operational inefficiency.

All of this translates into:

  • Higher maintenance costs.
  • Security incidents.
  • Non-compliance with production programming.
  • The quality of the product is also affected.
  • It increases the stress of operators.

For our production processes to remain efficient, and, above all, competitive, we need to recondition our machines.

This refurbishment or retrofit, involves migration to new technologies, this is not a simple process as it requires an in-depth knowledge of obsolete equipment as well as the different options of current equipment offered by the market.

Have your machines become obsolete or are manufacturers no longer supporting you?

At CEFALUX we have extensive experience in the migration of equipment and process adaptation. We have a multidisciplinary team that will study your problem, and through a comprehensive project “key in hand,” he will take care of everything necessary by affecting as little as possible the day-to-day production.