Characteristics of UL508A certified tables

The UL508A certified electrical panels are designed, manufactured and evaluated according to the safety standards of Underwriters Laboratories (UL), an independent organization that conducts product safety testing and certifications. Some of the features of the UL508A certified electrical panels include:

  1. Compliance with electrical safety standards: Electric panels with UL508A certification are designed and manufactured according to UL’s electrical safety standards, ensuring that the necessary electrical safety specifications have been met.
  2. High quality materials: The UL508A certified electrical frames are built with high quality materials that ensure the durability and strength of the product in various operating conditions.
  3. Short circuit protection and overload: Electric panels with UL508A certified electric boxes have short-circuit protection devices and overload, which helps prevent damage to the electrical system and connected devices.
  4. Compatibility with different applications: Electric panels with UL508A certified are compatible with a wide range of industrial, commercial and residential applications.
  5. Evaluation and labelling: The UL508A certified electrical panels are evaluated and labelled with a unique serial number indicating that the product has been evaluated and approved by UL. This label helps to ensure the quality and safety of the product.

Do you need to comply with U.S. or Canadian regulations?

Our tables comply with the regulations for electrical and electronic products under the Underwriters Laboratories standard.