The importance of BMS in the Data Processing Centres

The DPCs (Data Processing Centres) are facilities that centralize the operations and infrastructure of an organization’s Information Technologies, where data and applications are stored, processed, processed and disseminated.

A Data Center brings together many servers, both processing and storage and network, and guards some of an organization’s most critical and important assets.

These large facilities consume a lot of energy and, when they gather so many equipment, they need ventilation and cooling systems that adapt to these particular conditions.

A Data Processing Centre is a critical mission infrastructure, which manages sensitive information and operates in an efficient and stable 24/7 manner, the availability of resources and access to information is paramount, as well as the protection of information.

The air conditioning of this type of space has to guarantee specific conditions of temperature and humidity and to achieve this objective high precision units type Close Control are used.

CPDs are exposed to the same risks as any other building, but the consequences of an accident can be catastrophic.

The risks facing a DPC are:

  • Tension rises or falls
  • Electric roar, which is a variation in low- amplitude voltage
  • Temperatures incorrect due to a failure of air conditioning equipment or bad design
  • Fires
  • High level of moisture that can cause corrosion
  • Floods
  • Smoke, dust and particles in the air that damage the hard drives and fans of the devices
  • Seismic movements

For all this, it is of the utmost importance to have a good electrical and air conditioning system, with redundant systems to ensure the continuity of the service and alarm monitoring systems in order to always have visibility of the critical infrastructure, in short, a robust base in which to house and manage the data, where the risks are detected before they become a breakdown of the physical security of the CPD.

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